Katharine Round

Artist & Filmmaker


My work is driven by a deep curiosity towards "ordinary" human beings: our contradictions, humanity and fallibility as we attempt to make sense of the world.

I often explore specific situations that illuminate wider thematic ideas, with formalist intervention to “provoke reality” and uncover new ways of seeing our lives. I don’t hide my presence and aim to question myself as much as I do others, and as such, I acknowledge a vision of the world through "imperfect" eyes: a cinema of lies as much as of truth. 

My films and moving image works have been shown in cinemas, television, art galleries, online, and on the street. I’ve had support from the Arts Council, BFI, Creative Europe, Forma Arts, CPH:LAB, Dartmouth Films, Passion Pictures, the Guardian, Serpentine Galleries and many others.

This site acts as a notepad for past and ongoing work, nothing is permanent as I aim to share my evolving thought processes as well as the results.

My work is produced via Disobedient Films.

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Disobedient Films
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Email Me: katharineround [@] gmail dot com


Ghosts in the Machine 

Ghosts in the Machine is an “expanded cinema” performance constructing a story of human history as told only by the pieces left behind in the world’s largest archive of “human knowledge”.

This is an experience of creation which the audience embodies along with the artist in real-time: delving into the archive like anthropologists sorting through an immense box of found photographs, searching for meaning, making the story as we go along. As we search, strange and eerie sounds accompany us.  What emerges is a filmic “symphony”, not of the city, but of the digital wastelands. But what - and whose -story is this?

The “symphony” reveals an imperfect, fragmented and often nonsensical picture, deconstructing the idea of “data” as an objective record and showing how it obscures, hides and presents mythical conceptions of our history and lives. 

But as we distract ourselves with a neverending, incomplete search, are we failing to listen? While the film reveals data’s inherent lies, a final revelation uncovers the “truth” heard all along.  Is this humanity’s memory, dream or nightmare? 

Audience Quotes:

“evocative and atmospheric”
“riveting... surprisingly erotic”
“captivating and unsettling, a hallucinogenic trip through history”


The film was originally exhibited as a prototype at CPH:DOX 2021 interactive exhibition, as a hybrid film and sound art performance, Anthropocene in C Major, part of the Climate Symphony collaborative works. The accompanying sound work was created and performed by Jamie Perera

Ghosts In the Machine is now in further development to be launched shortly.