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My films are driven by a deep curiosity towards "ordinary" human beings: our contradictions, humanity and fallibility as we attempt to make sense of the world.

My work often explores specific situations that illuminate wider thematic ideas, with formalist intervention to “provoke reality” and uncover new ways of seeing our lives. I don’t hide my presence and aim to question myself as much as I do others, and as such, my films acknowledge a vision of the world through "imperfect" eyes: a cinema of lies as much as of truth. 

I've made work for, and had support from, the Arts Council, BFI, Creative Europe, Forma Arts, CPH:LAB, Dartmouth Films, Passion Pictures, the Guardian, Serpentine Galleries and many others.

This site acts as a notepad for past and ongoing work, nothing is permanent as I aim to share my evolving thought processes as well as the results.

My work is produced via Disobedient Films.

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Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments 

Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments is a live film and sound experiment commissioned for Electric Dreams Festival of Immersive Storytelling to run over 8 live performances between 24th July - 16th August 2020.

“Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments” re-imagines 12,000 years of human influence on earth as a 40 minute symphony of sound and image, created live by the artists and the audience.

Throughout the anthropocene, humankind has collected, measured and recorded aspects of our lives and our planet - much of this information now floats freely online in archives and repositories, and on our computers and phones. 

In “Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments”, composer Jamie Perera transforms numerical data is transformed into sound, revealing the melody of our planet’s evolution to the present day. Alongside this, filmmaker Katharine Round wades into the internet’s discarded imagery to create a live, spontaneous montage of our digital detritus: a subversive, surreal, kaleidoscopic fever dream.

The interplay between sound, image, data and memory, evokes a past reverberating in the present.  In this visual and audio symphony from the digital wastelands, do we experience humanity’s memory, dream or nightmare?


Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments is part of the wider “Climate Symphony” series of collaborative works by Leah Borromeo, Katharine Round and Jamie Perera.

Film devised, directed and performed by Katharine Round. Sound composed and performed by Jamie Perera.  Additional montage by Juan Soto, sonification programming by Adrian Lewis and located sound by Jez-Riley French and Phoebe Riley-Law.

Electric Dreams Festival is curated by Mark Atkin and Tom Millen, and supported by Arts Council England.